Branstool Orchards is located in the rolling hills of Utica, Ohio

5895 Johnstown Utica Road
Utica, OH 43080
United States



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Photographer Policies and Procedures

With a confirmation of date and time by the Applicant, the Applicant agrees to the following terms and conditions of the photography of the real property and improvements known as Branstool Orchards, 5895 Johnstown Utica Rd., Utica, Ohio, 43080, as follows;

Applications of Chemicals in Orchard

It is mandatory that the applicant and their client/s fully understand that this is an active, operational farm and the usage of chemical applications on Branstool Orchards’ property is routinely necessary. Many of the sprays restrict entrance of the orchard up to 48 hours for safety reasons. Because of this necessity, along with weather conditions, timing of blossoming, fruiting and harvesting crop, insect and disease control, etc. all photo dates and times must be approved by a manager and may need to be canceled/rescheduled.

Accidents and Indemnity by Applicant

Applicant shall defend and indemnify Branstool Orchards and hold Branstool Orchardsharmless from any and all liability, damages, costs, or expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising from any act, omission, or negligence of Applicant, or the officers, contractors, licensees, agents, servants, employees, guests, invitees, or visitors of the Applicant in or about the premises; or arising from any accident, injury or damage, howsoever and by whomsoever causes, to any person or property occurring in or about the premises. Branstool Orchards shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any person/s or property sustained by Applicant, or other persons, caused by the building or improvements, or any appurtenances thereto, being out of repair or by the bursting or leakage of any water, gas, sewer, or steam pipe; or any theft or vandalism; or by any other cause of whatever nature.


At no time is the Applicant and client/s allowed on any of the farm’s equipment (i.e. tractors,Gators, Sprayers, Ladders, Lawn mowers, etc.). There is no access to non-public buildings (i.e. workshop, walk-in coolers and storage barns that are not open to the general public).

Smoking and Alcohol Prohibited

Smoking and the use of alcohol is strictly prohibited throughout the entire acreage of Branstool Orchards; this means ALL buildings, all outdoor areas, and parking lot. Smoking is permitted inside the personal vehicles and must be extinguished in that vehicle to avoid littering. Anyone with alcoholic beverages or appearing to be intoxicated on Branstool Orchards’  property will be asked to vacate the premises immediately

Picking of Peaches, Apples, Pears, Corn or Pumpkins

Please refrain from any picking of any fruit for prop use. Without the purchase of a U-Pick bag during the designated picking season the picking of fruit/apple, with or without eating, is theft on Branstool Orchards’ property. Please refrain from taking a pumpkin off the vine for prop use. The pumpkins cut off from the vine at the market can be used as props, if they are not damaged. If a pumpkin becomes damaged or you remove it from the vine you must pay for it.

Sharing Your Photos

We would enjoy if you could share some of your favorite photos with Branstool Orchards. Please place your logo/watermark on the photo, if possible. We will attach your name/business to the photo any time that we would use it.

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2019 Professional Photographer Rates:

  • $100 for a three hour session

  • $50 for a one hour session

  • Peach and Apple Blooms Mid-April thru Mid-May

  • Sunflowerfest August 2-11 choose from the following:

    • 8-9AM- 1 hour session

    • 6-7PM  1 hour session

    • 7-8PM  1 hour session

    • 8-9PM  1 hour session

    • 6-9PM  3 hour session

    • Each participant, besides the photographer, must also pay an entry fee if they want to cut flowers. No fee if they do not want to cut flowers.

  • Peach and Apple Orchard July-October

  • Pumpkin Patch/Fall Festival September-October