We have 24 acres of peach trees and over 25 different varieties. Our old time favorites and most sought after peaches are Redhaven, Biscoe, and Contender. Our most recent planting in 2017 included Gloria, Red Haven and Victoria. Each variety has the slightest distinction to ensure there is a flavor to please everyone. Check out our complete list of varieties and approximate ripening dates below. 

Coming to participate in U-Pick? Please call before you come out to be sure we have U-pick on the day you plan to come. We almost always have it but sometimes we don't and we never want you to be disappointed.

We charge by the pound for peach-picking at $1.75/pound and there is a $10 minimum. Our orchard is open to picking every day of the week and the hours are 10am-4pm on Sunday, and 9am-5pm Monday through Saturday. When you arrive at our orchard, please come into the market first and an employee will provide you with boxes to pick into and directions to the variety that we're currently picking. 

Approximate Ripening Dates

Early July


Early Star

Mid July

Rising Star

Early Redhaven

Garnet Beauty



Late July

Red Haven



Early August 


John Boy


Mid August 


Blushing Star (white)

Canadian Harmony



Late August









Please observe all rules for the benefit of all of our customers and our orchard.

Pick your own hours are Monday-Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-4. You must enter the orchard to pick at least one hour before we close to ensure you have enough time to pick and return to make your purchase.

Always check in at the market, get instructions from an employee, and get a picking peck box or bag before heading into the orchard. 

Please pick only in designated areas, which are carefully selected based on the ripening schedule of our fruit.

We provide peck boxes for picking peaches and they hold 10-15 pounds of fruit. We provide bags for apples that hold about 10 pounds and another that holds about 20 pounds. Peaches and apples are $1.75 per pound and you must purchase at least $10 worth to pick your own or be charged the difference.  

Wear appropriate clothing for the weather, don’t forget hats, sunscreen, and a bottle of water!

We recommend wearing close-toed shoes good for walking on uneven ground, as bees, hornets and yellow jackets may be present on fallen fruit.

If you drop any fruit on the ground, we ask that you please make every effort to pick it up and purchase it so that no fruit is wasted. Many labor-intensive hours go into the care of our fruit trees.

Children must be accompanied by an adult and stay very close by at all times.

Please dispose of trash in proper containers.

Please be considerate of all of our customers.

Please do not drive into the orchard as it is a fragile growing environment.

Dogs are permitted if on a leash and not aggressive.