Don't let the rain keep you away!

So what if there's a little rain outside? Don't let that stop you from coming out to Branstool Orchards and having some fun. We are completely decked out for fall this weekend; we have more pumpkins, gourds, and mums than you can imagine! We also have some kid-friendly activities set up - a cut out pumpkin for sticking your face in for pictures, and a giant measuring stick to see just how tall your little kiddos are. The kids who have been out this past week have loved them! 

Don't forget to come out and pick some apples. This weekend, in addition to Jonathan and Cortland, we have Pinova and, a true classic, Red Delicious. You can also get all of these varieties ready-picked in the market, mixed in with a few others. 

As of Saturday morning, we still have a few peaches left for the season! It is our last variety, Encore, which is a yellow freestone. It is a beautiful red around the pit, and has a thicker skin. We do anticipate selling out Saturday, so come early or call first. 

We also have the first freshly-pressed batch of our famous Blended Branstool Apple Cider of the year! Our picking crew whipped up a delicious batch yesterday made mostly of Honeycrisp. 

These are the varieties at Clintonville and Granville this morning: 

  • Red Delicious
  • Golden Delicious
  • Cameo
  • Cortland
  • Jonathan
  • Pinova
  • Rubinette
  • Grimes Golden




The end is near, just in time for a beginning.

We are picking the last of our peaches this week, and do not anticipating having any peaches left for the weekend.  It is also unlikely that we will have any peaches at the Westerville farmers market on Wednesday. We will be there with apples, though.  

Even though peaches are finishing up, our season is still going strong. We have an excellent apple crop, and still plenty of tasty varieties to come! Honeycrisp has finished up, be Rubinette is still being picked. We also have Grimes Golden and Cortland is large supply, and a few other fantastic varieties in the market. It looks like we are going to get some Pinova picked this week, another one of our more popular apples. 

Also coming up this week is our apple cider! If everything goes according to plan, we will have our first batch of freshly-pressed cider ready for this coming weekend. 

We are making regular trips to the auctions about three times a week to stock up on lots of fall items. Stop on out for mums, pumpkins, corn stalk bunches, squash, and gourds of all shapes and sizes!

One last BIG week

Our Encores have finally ripened up, and we have one last big week of peach season ahead of us.  

This week, we will be at the Granville Tuesday night farmers market, as well as the Westerville farmers market on Wednesday. At these markets, we will have peaches, as well as Honeycrisp and Rubinette apples.  The Honeycrisp are by far our most popular apple, and for good reason. It is super sweet with a hint of tart, and extra crispy - perfect for eating out of hand and, according to many customers, all baking purposes as well.  The Rubinette is another fantastic apple, and it quickly gaining popularity year after year. It's sweetness and tanginess blend perfectly for a truly unique flavor that is hard to match.


Saturday we will be at Granville (8:30-noon) and Clintonville (9-noon) farmers markets, and we will also be at the New Albany (9-noon) farmers market. The New Albany market is a new addition; for the first time ever New Albany is having a fall/winter indoor market, held at the Ministry Center of the Church of Resurrection on the second Saturday of every month. 

For Pick Your Own, we currently have Cortland and Gala apples. While we are not going to end up reopening peaches for PYO, we are on schedule to add the Rubinettes into the mix for this upcoming weekend. 

Check back for updates, or you can check our Twitter feed or sign up for our newsletter for alternative ways to get updates.




Peach season is winding down

Peaches: We are currently in between varieties, and do not have any peaches. We anticipate resuming picking on Wednesday. This means we will not be at the Granville farmers market on Tuesday. We should be at Westerville on Wednesday, but whether we take peaches or just apples will be decided Wednesday. We hope that once Encore arrives, we will get a week to ten days out of them.

Apples: Zestar, Ginger Gold, and Tsugaru are finished for the season. We are now onto Gala, Honeycrisp, and Swiss Gourmet. We have had Mollie's Delcious, and should have another round of them here soon. Cortland's are getting close; we should begin picking them within the next few days.

U-Pick: Right now we have Gala apples available for Pick Your Own. Encore peaches should be ready for U-Pick this coming weekend, barring any extreme weather conditions.

Pears: We are now selling pears in the market. Just a reminder: we do not have pears for Pick Your Own.

We would also like to take the time to thank all of our wonderful customers who have showed us so much support at the New Albany and Wednesday Clintonville farmers markets. We are so sad to see those markets come to an end for the season, but we had a great run. Again, a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support us and made those markets so fun for us to attend. 

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call during business hours: Monday thru Saturday 9-6, Sunday 10-5.

Labor Day Weekend

Pick Your Own: The only thing available this weekend for U-Pick is Gala apples. There aren't going to be any peaches available for U-Pick for the next 5-7 days - we are waiting for the Encores to get ripe. 

Farmers Markets: Clintonville and Granville will each be getting tuckloads of Flamin' Fury peaches as well as apples. Granville runs from 8:30-noon, and Clintonville is 9-noon. 

Utica Store: In Utica, we will have more Flamin' Furies. Also available will be Gala, Zestar, Tsugaru, Mollie's Delicious, and Ginger Gold apples.  

Pear Update: Pears have officially been picked. It is still going to be a week to 10 days until they are for sale, though, as we have to keep them in cold storage for a little while to finish their ripening process. 

Honeycrisp Update:  We look to begin picking the Honeycrisp towards the end of this next week. There will be a few in the market this weekend, but come early - one the word gets out they won't be here long. 

Labor Day: We will be open on Labor Day, rain or shine, so come on out and see us! 

Welcome to the new and, we hope, improved Branstool Orchards website!

We hope everybody enjoys our new look, we are very excited about the changes. Over the next couple of months, we hope to build from this platform, and add more pages for you to explore and engage in. 

A couple of things we would like to draw your attention to:

  • We now have our Twitter account linked to our website (see left-hand column), and will post a daily Tweet for quick updates on our daily ripe varieties.
  • This blog is also receiving a bit of a makeover - we will not only post more detailed and more specific updates than our Twitter feed, but we are going to try to add in some fun posts as well, such as recipes, or articles about us from the web. 
  • There is now a specific page for Farmers Markets, so you can see where and when they each take place. 

Keep an eye out for new additions as we continue to create the best interactive Branstool Orchards possible!