Labor Day Weekend

Pick Your Own: The only thing available this weekend for U-Pick is Gala apples. There aren't going to be any peaches available for U-Pick for the next 5-7 days - we are waiting for the Encores to get ripe. 

Farmers Markets: Clintonville and Granville will each be getting tuckloads of Flamin' Fury peaches as well as apples. Granville runs from 8:30-noon, and Clintonville is 9-noon. 

Utica Store: In Utica, we will have more Flamin' Furies. Also available will be Gala, Zestar, Tsugaru, Mollie's Delicious, and Ginger Gold apples.  

Pear Update: Pears have officially been picked. It is still going to be a week to 10 days until they are for sale, though, as we have to keep them in cold storage for a little while to finish their ripening process. 

Honeycrisp Update:  We look to begin picking the Honeycrisp towards the end of this next week. There will be a few in the market this weekend, but come early - one the word gets out they won't be here long. 

Labor Day: We will be open on Labor Day, rain or shine, so come on out and see us!