June is here! Almost time for peaches!

It seems that just yesterday we were complaining about the cold days of April. Now the 80 degree temperatures have arrived and there are thousands and thousands of baby fruits maturing before our eyes here in Utica. It is truly a beautiful sight to see mother nature working away while we all carry on with our busy lives. Marshall expects the peaches to begin to ripen around mid-July, a little later than last year, but he says the crop looks great! The apples and pears appear to be doing very good as well.

Here are some updates from our last newsletter that was emailed on May 30th:

1. We've added two more CSA pick-up locations! Deliveries will now include Wednesday Westerville Farmers' Market and Grandview at The Butcher and Grocer, where you can buy meats from Ohio. You should see the sausages they make in-house! And they are going to make a peach and basil breakfast sausage out of our peaches! Yum! This means you can now pick up CSA subscriptions at six locations. Go HERE to sign up.

2. Love books? So do we! Our market in Utica will soon have a Little Free Library. Our goal is to stock the library with books about apples, peaches, sustainability, gardening and farming. When you visit to pick your own this year, stop by the Little Free Library and grab a book to read or bring one to donate for others to read. Learn more about Little Free Libraries HERE.

3. We now have 4'x4'x3' boxes of apple wood for smoking foods for sale for $35 each or fill up the bed of a truck for $75. There are also small piles for $5. If we aren't around when you visit you can pay at the Honor System Box. The wood has already aged for about a month. 

4. The owner and quality control manager from Columbus Brewing Company visited the orchard on Tuesday May 29th. They bought 1,000 pounds of our peaches last year and made a sour beer that they aged in wine barrels. It’s not available to the public yet (they’re thinking fall) but we know it’s good because they’ve already won a bronze medal at World Beer Cup with the yet to be named peach sour! They brought us samples of their award-winning beer and we think it's delicious and refreshing! We will let you know when the peach beer is bottled because CBC expects to sell out quickly. See photos from their visit on Facebook HERE.

5. We are busy getting the market in Utica ready to open around mid-July. Our crew is busy thinning peach trees and tidying up for the 2018 season. 

6. We will be at the following farmers' markets beginning mid-July:

-Westerville on Wednesday

-New Albany on Thursday

-GranvilleClintonvilleWorthington and the NEW Westerville market at Otterbein on Saturdays.