Spring is slowly raising her sleepy head!

Yes, it seems that winter overstayed her welcome and the cold weather has us all scratching our heads wondering what mother nature is thinking. But, alas, this week, April 16th to be exact, we witnessed the first peach blossoms on the farm. Victoria peaches are the first to blossom here in Utica and oddly enough, the last to harvest. Marshall says the blooms are about two weeks later than last year so he expects that the early harvest of 2017 will be delayed until at least mid-July. Victoria's beautiful pink blooms remind us that no matter how long the winter might be, warmth and sunshine are on their way. Now that's exciting!

We are also excited to announce the addition of two more CSA's this year. Last year we delivered to our subscribers in Clintonville and Upper Arlington on Mondays and this year we will be delivering to Bexley and Newark on Tuesdays. You can sign up for a bi-weekly delivery of fresh fruit here on our site now.

Also, for the second year, we are partnering with Bird's Haven Farm to offer a half peck of peaches and apples as an addition to their delicious produce CSA. Sign up here.

We will also be adding the Uptown Westerville SATURDAY 9am-Noon Farmers' Market. We already attend the Wednesday Westerville market but are looking forward to the Saturday market as well. You can see who else is attending here

More updates are coming soon. Marshall and the field crew are busy pruning trees and planting a few new peach varieties. We look forward to seeing all of you at the farmers' markets, CSA pick ups, and of course, here in the market and out in the orchard in Utica!