This HEAT!

Okay, so we haven't posted in FOR-ever! But we have a good reason -- PEACHES! What an amazing peach season we had. Thank you to all of our customers, old and new!

It has been unseasonably warm (okay, it is HOT!), but that didn't stop apple pickers from coming out this past weekend. We welcomed a lot of new visitors to the orchard -- thanks for spreading the word to your friends.

We're excited that Mother Nature is sending cool, dry weather this weekend. We're going to fill the market with all sorts of squash, pumpkins, mums and other fun fall goodies. And cider. Lots of cider. Still lots of apples to pick this year: Cameo, Florina (Querina), Idared, Melrose, Suncrisp, Goldrush, Winesap ... to name a few! Let the fall fun begin!

The apples are ripening early in this heat, but that's no problem for our amazing field crew. The number of apples they bring in daily is really quite something. They also press the cider and will be back at it tomorrow.  Early cider is heavy on Honeycrisp and you can taste it. It's all apples, nothing else, and we so enjoy seeing our repeat customers. (You know who you are, the folks who walk straight back to the cooler, eyes focused on the gallons of cider ...)

We've had so much fun this season and owe it to you. Make sure you say hi when you're out next time.