NEW FOR 2017 - Peach and Apple CSA

Don’t  worry about rushing to the farmers’ market for hand-picked peaches and apples this summer and fall! This year, for the first time, we are partnering with The Seasoned Farmhouse to offer a peach and apple CSA. Tricia Wheeler, the owner of the Farmhouse will include recipes and suggestions for using your fruit in delicious ways throughout the season.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way for farmers to get their food directly to consumers. You join by buying a share (box) and get food from the farm throughout the growing season. In our case it is a peck of peaches or apples delivered every two weeks.

How it works:

You prepay $144 ($18 per peck) for 8 weeks of fruit. We will deliver to The Seasoned Farmhouse every other Monday during the summer and fall. Deliveries start in mid-July, depending on the weather. We will keep you updated as the season approaches. You arrive between 4:30 and 6:30 to pick up your peaches or apples. It’s that simple. Because you prepay you don’t have to worry about bringing money.

If you can't pick up before 6:30 we'll leave your share on the back porch. If you have a neighbor or friend pick up please make sure they check your name off. We'll send an email the morning of the delivery letting you know what varieties are included. We’re sorry, but we cannot offer partial shares, only the full eight.

Tentative Delivery Dates (all Mondays):

July 17

July 31

Aug 14

Aug 28

Sept 11

Sept 25

Oct 9

Oct 23

If a natural disaster (such as a severe hail or wind storm) damages the crop we will do our best to provide peaches and apples. We hope that you will understand if we cannot bring the expected delivery. We will notify you beforehand and will substitute other types of our fruit if possible.

Space is limited to how many pecks we can fit on a truck. If you would like to participate send an email to and we’ll get back in touch with you to confirm details and to arrange payment. Make sure to include how many pecks you’d like every delivery; one share = one peck = $144. NO NEED TO PAY NOW.

Please contact us with any questions. And, thanks!