It's April and we are busy!

The orchard is definitely waking up. We had a great winter are ready to get back to work on the farm. The first week of the season flew by! We planted, pruned, organized and solidified farmers' market schedules. We planted 600 apple trees: Crimson Topaz, Goldrush & Pixie Crunch and three new peach varieties. Their names alone are beautiful: Red Globe, Roza & Veteran. Can you imagine what the blossoms and fruit will look like? We're looking forward to seeing how they will do. We are planting 1400 more apple and peach trees in the coming weeks.

While we've been able to get a lot done in the warm weather we are still hoping for seasonal, cooler temperatures to close out March. The peach crop looks good so far, but we still have some cold nights and mornings to get through. We will let you know as soon as we have more news. 

Jack, our resident farm dog, is going to celebrate his first birthday soon. He chases nonstop after birds, tractors and Marshall unless he is digging, digging, digging! If only we could get him to dig consistently-spaced holes in straight lines ... he would be such a great addition to the crew. Check out this short video of how we dig and plant.

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 Looking forward to a great 2017 season! Get in touch; we love to hear from you!