Thanksgiving Greetings

Dear Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving! We know you are all busy baking, cooking, welcoming and catching up, yet many of you have taken the time to send photos of your pies, cobblers and sauces. It means so much to us, as we sit down to our meals, to know that we are a small part of your celebration. In between all the slicing, dicing and mixing a thought came to mind: that apples are perfect on their own, a centerpiece, a simple and true reflection of life on the orchard. We planted, tended, pruned and picked thousands of pieces of fruit this year, but in case we forgot to say so, we are thankful for Mother Nature.

We are also thankful for our healthy (and growing!) families, our tireless crew, who always laugh, sing and work hard, no matter the weather. We are thankful for our staff, dedicated and caring folks who make the extra effort that makes all the difference. We are thankful for the families who spend their weekends at the orchard, the adorable little kids that make us smile, the dogs who come to play with Jack, the customers who take the time to bring us pies and jams, and all the new people we met this year.

With continued thanks,

All of us at Branstool Orchards