One last BIG week

Our Encores have finally ripened up, and we have one last big week of peach season ahead of us.  

This week, we will be at the Granville Tuesday night farmers market, as well as the Westerville farmers market on Wednesday. At these markets, we will have peaches, as well as Honeycrisp and Rubinette apples.  The Honeycrisp are by far our most popular apple, and for good reason. It is super sweet with a hint of tart, and extra crispy - perfect for eating out of hand and, according to many customers, all baking purposes as well.  The Rubinette is another fantastic apple, and it quickly gaining popularity year after year. It's sweetness and tanginess blend perfectly for a truly unique flavor that is hard to match.


Saturday we will be at Granville (8:30-noon) and Clintonville (9-noon) farmers markets, and we will also be at the New Albany (9-noon) farmers market. The New Albany market is a new addition; for the first time ever New Albany is having a fall/winter indoor market, held at the Ministry Center of the Church of Resurrection on the second Saturday of every month. 

For Pick Your Own, we currently have Cortland and Gala apples. While we are not going to end up reopening peaches for PYO, we are on schedule to add the Rubinettes into the mix for this upcoming weekend. 

Check back for updates, or you can check our Twitter feed or sign up for our newsletter for alternative ways to get updates.